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10-872 - Super Seal 5 Gallon

10-872 - Super Seal 5 Gallon

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10-872-05  *  SuperSeal -  100% Acrylic Interior / Exterior STAIN BLOCK Primer

Super Seal is a high performance latex paint & primer that combines superior stain-blocking and mold control in one easy to apply, attractive low luster coat. 

Super Seal Stain-Block Mold Proof Restoration Primer is a custom engineered, high solids, high hide waterborne latex coating designed primarily for wood species containing high tannin content. It effectively blocks stains and provides strong adhesion on Knotty Pine, Cedar, and Redwood. The primer contains a potent fungicide/algaecide that prevents mold, mildew, and algae growth for up to five years. It is also used for restoration projects to block water and fire damage stains and odors.

  * Seals odors    * Kills mold,  mildew and algae  * Low VOC  * Excellent adhesion

* Seals water damaged surfaces * Pleasant green apple scent  * Easy soap & water clean up



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