Rebark - Mulch Dye *

Rebark is a natural liquid mulch colorant that is perfect for rejuvenating the appearance of your mulch, while also protecting it from the elements. Rebark is made with the highest quality ingredients available in the market. Our product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and is safe for humans, animals and plants. Rebark Liquid Mulch Colorant is available in a wide range of colors, including Black, Brown, Red, and Cedar. This product is incredibly easy to apply. Simply put the solution in any garden sprayer, and spray the stain directly onto your mulch. (Make sure to properly shield your plants and concrete because it will easily stain). It will dry quickly, and you can enjoy the beautiful new color of your mulch in no time! Rebark Mulch Colorant is designed to provide long-lasting results. The color will remain vibrant for up to 12 months, even in harsh weather conditions. For more information on mulch and the world of yard design check out our blog posts!

*Rebark is a natural liquid mulch colorant and is technically not a dye*


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