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Premier Finishes Inc.

Rebark - Cedar Liquid Mulch "Dye"

Rebark - Cedar Liquid Mulch "Dye"

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Rebark * Cedar Liquid Mulch 'Dye'  - Our premium mulch colorant, is your solution for restoring any faded mulch effortlessly. No more tedious mulch replacement! Our environmentally friendly option makes it easy to maintain a fresh look all the way to your curb. Simply add water to the solution, put it into a pump sprayer, and you're ready to go. Replacing bark mulch is physically demanding, expensive and time consuming - Save yourself time and money today with Rebark mulch colorant! 

ReBark is a natural, pigmented liquid mulch colorant. 

  • Rebark is a highly concentrated liquid mulch colorant
  • Available in 4 custom formulated colors: Red, Cedar, Brown, and Black
  • Easy to apply liquid colorant with pump garden sprayer. Allowing you renew your mulch in minutes instead of hours or even days.
  • Preserves existing ground-cover 3-4 times longer than non-treated areas, saving time, energy and money
  • Low cost, durable, long lasting, and fast drying. Dry to walk on in less than 30 minutes.
  • Green eco-friendly formulation, non-hazardous to humans, animals, or plants.
  • 1 Gallon treats up to 12,800 square feet of existing mulch area
  • 1 Quart or a ½ gallon stains up to 6,400 square feet of existing mulch area
  • Commercial bulk quantities and business opportunities are also available.
  • *Note: Concrete must be protected from stain, or you should be prepared to clean off any overspray with a cleaning solution immediately after applying the liquid colorant.

Formulated and Manufactured in USA

This is a product of Premier Finishes Inc.

* not a 'dye' by definition, but a liquid colorant


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