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11-202 - Solar Shield - Hardwood Satin - Natural Matte

11-202 - Solar Shield - Hardwood Satin - Natural Matte

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11-202 - Solar Shield - Hardwood Satin - Natural Matte

After years of tests comparing the performance of commercially available wood finishes, it became obvious that high performing, environmentally responsible wood coatings.  Recent advancements in Nano technology and ultra green waterborne latex long lasting waterproof wood finish.  Ultra small particle size polymers and Nano pigments provide oil like warmth, in rich, deep colors.

Solar Shield incorporates a proprietary blend of UV light stabilizers and absorbers, as well as Nanozinc UV block.  This combination provides a three phase protective barrier against the damaging rays of the sun.  Weather protection is not enough though.  Water borne stains need to look good too.  That is why Solar Shield Stains use nano particle semi Transparent colors.  These deep penetrating pigments are warm and pleasing to the eye, providing rich colors for years to come.   

Available in quarts and gallons

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