Recycling Paint With Paintcare


So you finished painting your living room with that lovely lavender, now what? You finished staining your deck and your fence to boot, now what? You finished vintage-ifying your dresser with a magic patina, now what? At PFI, we care about protecting our natural environment just as much as we care about perfecting our home and work environments. While our personal warehouse is too small to act as a drop off center, we will gladly offer you all of the information that we have.


Paintcare is a nonprofit organization that exists to make recycling leftover paint convenient and easy. They are working with the state of Oregon and many others to try to reduce paint waste by setting up local drop off sites for your leftover paint. They accept all brands of house paint and primers, stains, sealers, and clear coatings no matter the color or the age. They do not, however, accept cans that are unlabeled or without a lid. The best part is that you already paid the small paintcare fee when you bought the paint, so you might as well use the service since all you have left to do is drop it off.

Paint is recycled by either being remixed into recycled paints, used as fuel, made into other products or at the very least properly disposed of because no... Paint should not be dumped down the drain. Oregon has 175 Paintcare drop off sites and it is very easy to find the one nearest you at by just typing in your zip code. Otherwise, most paint retail stores work in partnership with Paintcare and accept your unused paint and cans. Gresham Restore is the drop off site nearest our warehouse and they accept up to 100 gallons.


You can put cat litter or shredded paper in the bottom of the can to help soak up the little bit left over at the bottom and then throw that away or you can let it air dry. As long as the paint is not oil based and is fully dry you can recycle your paint can with dried residue in most states. Oil based paint must be disposed of as a hazardous waste. In California no amount of dried paint is accepted so recycling through Paintcare or Habitat for Humanity is the best option. It is also advised to check with your local waste collectors to make sure you are disposing of everything properly.

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