Premier Finishes custom formulated and manufactured stains and inks.

•  Formulated to impart company logos, brand identification, and other identifying marks to wood and wood-related substrates. 
•  Variety of colors and suitable for application directly to both solid and engineered wood substrates or over other coatings such as sealers or primers.
•  Ready-to-use and concentrated forms and can be applied using a variety of standard mechanical devices including stamp, spray, brush, or roller.
Moisture Indicator Inks -
Water-base concentrates formulated with generous levels of high quality dyes to ensure excellent coverage without plugging associated with spray equipment.
Disappearing Inks -
Water-base concentrates designed for use in production situations, usually in an elevated temperature environment, where temporary identification of a wood substrate is necessary, but permanent marking is undesireable.
Grade Stamp Inks -
•  Water-base, ready-to-use formulations.