Clear or Pigmented

High Quality Acrylic Latex Lacquer System

EnviroLac is water reducible, finishing system for furniture, cabinets and a wide range or wood, engineered wood and novelty items. EnviroLac has premier clarity, ease of handling, and meets all current EPA regulations for VOC emissions for wood finishing.

EnviroLac is a complete tintable water system that handles and performs like a solvent-borne lacquer.

  • Does not contain flammable, volatile organic solvents
  • Meets KCMA specifications and contains NO HAPS solvents
  • Greater user safety and very low VOC – environmentally friendly
  • Minimizes tannin bleed, even as a self-seal system
  • Excellent scuff & mar resistance and excellent film clarity
  • Better micro foaming and blushing resistance than other latex clears
  • Excellent hardness, block-resistance, and print resistance
  • Dries to handle and sand in 30 minutes at room temperature
Brochure: envirolac_final_1dec2017.pdf